About the driver

John Newell
John Newell, is our driver and first raced in 1997, he has been racing for many years although he did have an 18 year break from the sport, returning in 2018. He has taken 3rd place in the British Truck Racing Championship and is making his debut in the 2023 Goodyear FIA European Truck Racing Championship.
  • NAME: John Newell
  • NUMBER: 18
  • AGE: 51
  • PLACE OF BIRTH: Sheffield
  • FAVOURITE CIRCUIT: Nürburgring
  • FAVOURITE PASTIME: Fitness Training
John has been driving trucks since he was 8yrs old with his dad in the company yard and spends his days building tankers for the other family business RTN Clayton Vallely based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. When he isn’t racing he is enjoying time with his 3 children and training in the gym with his partner. John is always happy to meet and greet truck racing fans at the race weekends so feel free to come and say hello.